Help Russian doctors save lives right now

The doctors that are saving lives in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic are working at their limit. They often lack protective equipment. Please help us support those medical workers!


Doctors have run out of goggles, masks, and protective suits at the ambulance station in Perm, as well as in hospitals in the cities of Velikiy Novgorod and Chelyabinsk. We are raising funds for three deliveries to these medical facilities, as well as purchase more equipment once they are available from the suppliers. Firstly, 757,000 roubles (9476 euro) is needed to provide doctors with protective equipment for a week. These include 1550 respirators, 790 protective suits, 40 goggles, 10 litres of antiseptics, and 2000 masks, gloves, and medical caps.

We will also begin to deliver prepared meals to the Number 5 Hospital in St.Petersburg. This is the largest children’s hospital in the North-West Federal District. In order for 50 doctors to receive a cooked, well-balanced meal for a week, 24,500 roubles (306 euro) is needed. For two weeks, 49,500 roubles (620 euro) is needed.

Open Russia also continues to raise donations for medical face shield masks for maternity workers in St. Petersburg. This equipment is important as the Coronavirus can penetrate through the body via the mucous membrane of the eyes. We have already delivered a batch of 1,150 face shield masks to hospitals. Another new batch will need another 100,000 roubles (1252 euro).

Previously, employees of the ambulance station in the Petrodvorets district of St. Petersburg had to buy protective equipment at their own expense.  We collected 107 800 roubles (1350 euro), and were able to deliver them 280 protective suits (350 roubles/4 euro each), and 280 masks (35 roubles/ 0.44 euro each). This is only enough for one week, so we need to continue raising funds.

Paramedics of the ambulance station of the city of Kineshma, in the Ivanovo Region, have recorded video messages asking for help. They say that there are more and more patients with Coronavirus and that the doctors themselves need protection in order to continue to do their work, as well as not infect patients, as well as their loved ones. In order to purchase masks, respirators and protective suits for one month, the need around 120, 000 roubles (1503 euro) a week.

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