Anastasia Shevchenko:
the mother of two facing six years in prison


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On 21 January 2019, Anastasia Shevchenko – civil activist and bereaved single mother of two – became the first victim of an unprecedented assault from the Kremlin on Russian civil society.

Police in Rostov-on Don raided Anastasia’s home early that morning. Her two children Vlada (15) and Misha (7) watched as their mother was carted off to a temporary detention facility, where Anastasia – known by her family and friends as Nastya – spent the following 48 hours.

Nastya then was placed under house arrest for two months. Since then judges have consistently ruled to restrict Nastya’s liberty: At this moment in time she still remains under house arrest, over 500 days later.

All of this simply for participating in a public debate and organising a public discussion. From the Kremlin’s perverted perspective, such actions constitute a serious crime that carries a punishment of up to six years in prison.

On 31 January, Nastya’s eldest daughter Alina tragically passed away.  Authorities initially prevented Nastya from visiting her dying daughter, only granting her permission during Alina’s final hours. Their apathy and cruelness towards Nastya and Alina is utterly shameful.

According to the prosecutor, Nastya’s ‘crimes’ fall under Article 284.1 of the Criminal Code, meaning she is an agent of a so-called ‘undesirable organisation’.

In reality, Nastya had organised an open discussion and taken part in a peaceful demonstration.

Such unrelenting political persecution has led Amnesty International to declare Nastya a prisoner of conscience.

We are desperately trying to raise support for Nastya among the international community. Lawyers from the Open Russia Human Rights team are providing invaluable legal support to secure her freedom.

Again, we stress that Nastya is facing up to six years in prison for her political beliefs. She has two children who are entirely dependent on her. Any prison sentence will be truly destructive to Nastya’s family.

You can make a difference in Nastya’s case by contributing to the Open Russia Human Rights team via the Help Nastya Now button. Contribute today and help secure Nastya’s freedom.

It also is vital that we keep Nastya’s media presence high: the threat of a strong international backlash will discourage the Kremlin from imposing a prison sentence on Nastya.