A Russian friend of the European far-right. Friends of foe

May 12, 2021

There are numerous examples of people who get away with anything in Russia. Corruption scandals, harassment accusations and misdemeanor do not stop them from getting rich and powerful.
Meet Leonid Slutsky, a notorious deputy of the Russian State Duma. A former activist in the Soviet Komsomol he’s known for his highly conservative views, active participation in the annexation of Crimea and strong relationships with influential people. His is Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs, runs a charitable foundation and loves to mingle with celebrities. He also portrays himself as an anti-fascist #patriot but behind the scenes he is a best friend and enabler of the European far-right organizations. He regularly invites them to #Russia , escorts them around Crimea and praises them for good relations with Russian Federation.

Within Russia Slutsky is best known for his entanglement in corruption and sexual harassment scandals which would be a strong reason for his dismissal in a democratic country. However this is not to happen in Putin ’s Russia, where Slutsky is not only protected by the authorities but even receives a state award.

How could this happen? Let’s take a look at the prototypical Putin official in our new video!