Open University

Open University is an educational platform where Russians can access free and high quality education online. Access to such education should enable younger generations to better deal with and comprehend the society in which they live.

Higher education develops a variety of skills, which will be necessary to the formation and maintenance of a democratic Russia. Through a series of online video lectures course participants will improve their critical thinking skills, formulate logical and rational political opinions, and learn to defend their civil and constitutional rights.

The Open University offers a semester of exceptional content, providing lectures from Russian and non-Russian academics. The University also invites political experts, journalists, economists and regional specialists to supply quality content.The Open University also focuses on informing Russians on their rights, as well as the basic legal, historical and economic structure of their country.

The Open University should equip young Russians with the tools needed to critically analyse the propaganda disseminated by Kremlin-controlled media outlets. In addition, participants will better understand their rights and how to defend them. In this sense, the Open University is laying the foundations for a new civil society in Russia.