MBK Media

MBK Media is a Russian-language multimedia news platform that covers regional news ignored by Kremlin-controlled media outlets.

MBK Media focuses on producing independent and objective information about events affecting the lives of ordinary Russians.The platform publishes videos, written articles and statistics, offering an appealing multimedia format. MBK Media also has two sub-projects Yoskin Krot and Open World.

MBK Media frequently produces reports on corruption scandals and anti-corruption investigations, stories which Kremlin media actively ignores. Another key goal of the platform is exposing Kremlin propaganda and the disinformation that is disseminated as a result.  Additionally, the platform provides a place for local journalists to publish their work. MBK Media also promotes the critics and active opponents of the Putin regime.

Through the MBK Media platform we hope to foster a new generation of socially aware Russians, who – armed with the power of objective information – can help form a better Russia of the future.


Website: mbk.news
E-mail: info@mbk.media