A stress test in St Petersburg

August 23, 2016

Our Duma candidate in St Petersburg, Natalia Gryaznevich, has been taking to the hustings.

Natalia Gryaznevich

Today, I was given a stress test 🙂

Grannies who’d been shouting louder than anyone else that I was too young and in the pay of the Americans came up at the end to shake my hand. They said they were impressed by my staying power.

People asked about Crimea, about Yabloko, about Kasyanov, about Khodorkovsky’s money, about my tender age, criticised the opposition, etc. They hurled every argument they could against me being in the Duma.

I adore these hustings because they give me a chance to answer people’s questions and dispel their doubts. I know the issues they raise trouble everyone, it’s just that some are reluctant to ask.

And I’m glad we quelled the emotions and found common ground. Sure, we don’t see eye to eye on Putin. But we’re united that the fight against corruption needs action not words. That the Vasilyevs and Serdyukovs should be behind bars, not local doctors and police.

We have different views on the annexation of Crimea, but agree that money is needed in the regions for kindergartens and hospitals, not to help neighbouring republics.

I am the real opposition and do not hide it. But I don’t want to divide society into oppositionists and loyalists. We’re different, but we all want to live as human beings, and not love the state just for the sake of it. That unites us.

That’s what having 150 hustings under the belt can do. That’s how politicians are made. It starts with persuading your neighbours, then opponents in the Duma.

Bring it on.

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