The Best Way to Help Alexey Pichugin is to Spread The Truth

September 15, 2017

People often ask what they can do to help Alexey Pichugin.  In such cases I always answer that the most important kind of help they can give is to tell others about Alexey’s case and distribute reliable information about him as widely as possible.  Alexey isn’t a media figure; he is modest and doesn’t like giving big public statements.  A lot of inaccurate and incomplete information is circulating about him.

I also suggest to those who are interested that they should correspond with him personally.  Alexey will certainly not hesitate to answer everyone.  His letters are extremely kind, which makes the accusations against him seem even more absurd.  Alexey literally lives off these letters of support, so they are extremely important and necessary.

For those who can read Russian, you can read an interview with Vera Vasileva, the author of a book about Alexey Pichugin:

Additionally, information on how to purchase the book is available here: