Calling for information on corruption

April 29, 2021

Calling for information on corruption for the following 4 individuals:

  • Igor Sechin;
  • Alexei Miller;
  • Yuri Chaika;
  • Mikhail Mishustin.

Prior to Alexei Navalny returning to Russia, he made a list of 35 individuals who should be sanctioned under Magnitsky if anything would happen to him on his return.

He is now being subjected to slow motion assassination by the Putin Regime.

Therefore, in order to support him and other political prisoners in Russia, we decided to help to compile documents in relation to the first portion of this list.

In order for the US, UK, Canada, EU to sanctions these individuals they need solid evidence of their corruption.

We have certain evidence but given the gravity of the situation, we are making a public appeal for more documents/facts that could prove their corruption. If you have relevant information, please submit to:

Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Bill Browder