“When we can tolerate no longer, we will fight”

March 28, 2017

As we all expected, the 10 million that would have been needed to scare the Kremlin and force them in to negotiations did not come out on to the streets. Nevertheless, 50-70 thousand was enough to make them think.

Starting a genuine battle against corruption and embezzlement is not an option for the Kremlin as it would require the establishment of the rule of law, thus signifying the end of the regime.

I can unpleasantly recall how I publicly reached out to the president in 2003 to begin a fight against corruption. A month before the case was brought against Yukos. I had seriously underestimated the personal greed of the leader and his entourage.

The opportunity to construct a modern state is hindered by the desire to enrich oneself beyond all rational (and even irrational) limits.

Therefore we do not have an alternative: when we can tolerate no longer, we will fight.

This means risking our freedom and even our lives. The list of “enemies of the leader” is long and its victims are buried across the world. Vacancies on the list are never-ending.

However, there’s one thing to be happy about: when the Kremlin tries to “tighten the screws”, they may find that the screws have already been stolen. Good luck to us all.