“If Corrupt Prosecutors are Panicking, Then I’m On the Right Track

June 7, 2017

Today Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika attacked Mikhail Khodorkovsky for supporting the Russian opposition.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky gave a sharp riposte to the Russian Prosecutor General’s accusations: 


So, that crooked Yury Chaika has publicly expressed his displeasure with me.

It turns out that my organisation, Open Russia — which is registered in the UK, where I live after being threatened with life imprisonment should I ever return to Russia — is supporting the Russian opposition.

How terrible!  We must focus all our power into battling this evil immediately!

I understand perfectly well why Mr. Chaika is panicking.  I mean, what other government would agree to keep such a man in a position of power, rather than in prison?

Has everyone forgotten how the Anti-Corruption Fund exposed this man’s criminal business connections?

A man as corrupt as Yury Chaika is well at home in today’s corrupt regime.

Such a crooked Prosecutor General is what’s needed to cover up for the government’s crooked dealings.

A public prosecutor is supposed to fight against injustice, yet he is the creator of injustice.

I spent ten years in prison without access to a fair trial.

I spent ten years witnessing very closely how corrupt prosecutors destroy people and spread injustice.

Now my goal is to fight against such injustices.

In order to achieve this we must have open elections, an independent judiciary and a strong government, not just a new Tsar who will surround himself with other a new bunch of crooked prosecutors.

If corrupt prosecutors are panicking, then I’m on the right track.