Formation and Realities of the Soviet Union Explained. USSR As It Was

March 25, 2021

Almost 2 million kids were born in 1991 in the USSR. That was the last generation born in the Soviet Union right before the collapse of the USSR.

The USSR occupied 1/6 of all Earth’s land and consisted of 15 republics. At the time of its collapse, it was ranked second in the world in terms of industrial production. It was home to almost 300 million people of more than 200 different nationalities. The education system was ranked fourth in the world!

The army of the USSR was the largest and most powerful in the world, with allies including most Eastern European countries, East Germany, Vietnam and Cuba.

The Soviet Union was formed in 1922 after five years of civil war. Like most revolutions, it was fueled by the appallingly low standard of living in the Russian Empire, the exploitation of workers and peasants, the oppression of certain nationalities all while the nobility and the bourgeoisie enjoyed enormous wealth and luxurious palaces. In October 1917, ordinary people under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party, overthrew the government. This was the start of the famous October revolution.

The old nobility (the “whites”), immediately struck back, starting a civil war against the Bolsheviks (the “reds”). Former Tsarist officers faced off against the Red Army, made up mostly of peasants. Civil war raged throughout the country for almost 5 years, and ended with the victory of the Red Army. The young state was left in ruins.

Was life good for ordinary people? Why did it collapse? Was the USSR socialist? Let’s dive deep into this mysterious Union of 15 republics that existed for 69 years!