German author Olaf Kuehl presents “Dead Animals” in Russia

April 5, 2012

For the first time, Olaf Kuehl presents his debut novel “Dead Animals” in Russia. In his book, an adventure and travel novel, Kuehl sends two friends to Siberia to undertake the impossible and release Mikhail Khodorkovsky from prison.

After a first reading in Wolgograd, he will read in Samsara today. A third reading which was scheduled for Uljanowsk for tomorrow had been banned by the mayor. Further readings are planned for Archangelsk and Severodvinsk.

According to Kuehl, the audience is not at all afraid to discuss the case Khodorkovsky. “The fearful are the middle-ranking officials” Kuehl summarizes the atmosphere. Olaf Kuehl studied Slavic and East European history. Since 1996 he is the Russian advisor for the Mayor of Berlin.