Khodorkovsky on Russian assets seizure

June 19, 2015

Mikhail Khodorkovsky commented on the seizure of Russian assets in connection with Yukos lawsuit in France and Belgium.  Read more on the seizure here. Below is a translation of a post published on Khodorkovsky’s personal facebook page.

Khodorkovsky on Russian assets seizure“I’m looking on with interest at the nervous reaction to the execution of the Hague court’s ruling on Yukos.

I’m not actually a beneficiary in this case: the partners bought out my shares back in 2004. But this isn’t stopping me, as a Russian citizen, from taking genuine delight in the unfolding events.

This is a landmark moment for our country: firstly, it serves as a signal that robbery will not go unpunished, no matter how all-powerful the robber may seem.

Secondly, it is a step towards the consolidation of property rights, without whose inviolability the country will never achieve stable prosperity. Who’s going to cherish and develop what can be taken away tomorrow?

I’m convinced that what’s happening is very good for Russia, and that it’s not only my friends who will profit from this decision – and donate funds towards the development of humanitarian projects, just as they’ve done before, So too will every citizen of the country. Myself included.”

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