Khodorkovsky’s birthday wishes to Alexey Pichugin

July 25, 2015

Alexey Pichugin

Mikhail Khodorkovsky wished Alexey Pichugin a happy birthday on his personal Facebook page:

“Dear Alexey, on your birthday I would like to wish you peace of mind for the path of courage and dignity that you have chosen. For anyone who is not afraid to hear the truth, it is absolutely clear that you were the one randomly selected by those official bandits as the first target in the ‘Yukos case.’ They thought it out quite thoroughly: a fabricated case against you would have allowed them to easily push me aside, branded as their enemy, and thus allowed them to seize Yukos as the ‘spoils of war.’ Only they were mistaken! Your stout-heartedness has turned this case into an endless nightmare for the authorities, one that will continue without end until the moment when all the hostages have been given their freedom. Good health to you and your family!”

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