Kremlin Madness S04 E107

August 15, 2016

Continuing our series looking at the madness of the people who rule over us.

Sign on tree gives directions for United Russia …
Sign on tree gives directions for United Russia …

United Russia, the ruling party, has prepared a brochure entitled The Canvasser. The 55-page manual, which will be distributed to party canvassers across the country, provides wonderfully helpful answers to questions that may be asked by voters and opponents over the course of the Duma election campaign.

In particular, it offers eighteen possible answers to the question “Why United Russia?” One goes as follows: “United Russia is the party of the majority of Russians, and the majority can’t be wrong.” And here’s another one, along similar lines: “If not United Russia, then who? Just imagine Russia under the rule of any existing opposition force.”

But here’s an interesting question: will the 23 million Russians living below the poverty line agree with the whole “infallible majority” argument?

We urge our fellow Russians to turn out to the polls and support our independent politicians. Because we really can imagine a Russia under an opposition government.

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