Kremlin Madness S04 E108

September 7, 2016

Continuing our series looking at the madness of the people who rule over us.

President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev hold court in the Kremlin

The Kremlin gave it top billing.

“On September 6, the President will meet with the United Russia parliamentary party and experts, representatives of professional communities and civil activists.

“The meeting participants will discuss progress in implementing adopted laws of high public importance and fulfilling the May presidential executive orders, and present proposals on drafting new bills in education, healthcare, retirement benefits and other areas.”

That’s quite some programme …

And here is how the President actually sees things:

“Russians have a gut feeling about the difference between truth and lies, and have no difficulty in distinguishing between promises, and a particular person’s real intentions and efforts to change the situation for the best.”

Truer words were never spoken.