Lord Trimble: Khodorkovsky Case a ‘Miscarriage of Justice’

August 23, 2013

Russia’s handling of the cases against Mikhail Khodorkovsky represent a “miscarriage of justice” that must be opposed by the international community, says Nobel Laureate Rt. Hon. David Trimble of the U.K. House of Lords.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Khodorkovsky.com to mark the upcoming 10th anniversary of the arrest of Khodorkovsky, Lord Trimble said that the Khodorkovsky case “tells you a lot about the character of the Putin regime and the sort of Russia that Putin is creating.”

Lord Trimble, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998 along with John Hume for working to resolve the conflict in Northern Ireland, said that Russia under Vladimir Putin has become “increasingly authoritarian” and plagued by corruption.

“Khodorkovsky represents people who want to create a different sort of Russia, which is why the trumped up charges were brought, which is why he is still in prison, which is why it appears his attempts to seek justice through the Council of Europe are being thwarted again and again,” Lord Trimble said.

“It is also hugely relevant today as the regime is following the same tactics, bringing charges against Navalny in an attempt to try to silence that voice for freedom and reform,” he said. “I think if we don’t stand up for Khodorkovsky, then we are giving them the green light as it were to do it again to Navalny and other people again.”

Watch the full interview with Lord Trimble here.