MBK media and Open Media forced to close in Russia

August 5, 2021

Below is a translation of MBK statement on the decision to close MBK Media, Open Media and Otkrytka’s Human Rights Project.

The online resources of MBK Media, Open Media, Otkrytka’s Human Rights Project some others were blocked yesterday.

The formal reason is ” association with undesirable organizations” (which in fact means me, a Russian citizen).  It brings about a high level of risk for individual journalists. As a result, I agreed with the editors to close those projects in Russia.

Over the years, the projects have shown their effectiveness and relevance with the journalists and other team members displaying their high professionalism and readiness to boldly resist the pressure of the authoritarian regime.

I thank them all for their combined effort and thank our friends for their support.

Political repressions, dissolution of an independent judiciary and elections, silencing of human rights defenders and journalists – all show that Putin’s regime and Putin personally are going back to the outdated Soviet model spiced up with the cupidity of Putin himself and his elites. At the same time, they are completely unable to offer the country a dream, much less a way to achieve one.

Decades of undermining not only of the economy, but also morality of the society will only lead to a slow decay of the country.

And I won’t have it.

Me and other like-minded people who are ready to face the new level of risk will continue our fight with the regime until it is fully dismantled.

Our goal is a free society and an open Russia!

Read the original statement in Russian here.