MBK: The arrest of Navalny marks Putin’s regime transition to demonstrative repression

January 18, 2021
Photo credit: Twitter Alexey Navalny

Mikhail Khodorkovsky commented on his social media on Alexey’s Navalny’s arrest at Sheremetyevo airport:

The arrest of Navalny marks the transition of Putin’s regime to demonstrative repression, in the style of the Central Asian despots.
Politicians and companies that allow themselves to make excuses for this behavior are open enemies of democracy.
Such position will cost them dearly. All of us, who stand for the rule of law and the democratic future of Russia, must now take a stand in the general system to fight totalitarianism and lawlessness.”

Commenting on the event for Reuters he added:

“Putin feels he has to show he is the main animal in the herd or … people will believe that he is no longer the top dog,”

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Ahead of the protests planned in Russia for January 23 to support Navalny, MBK encouraged Russian citizens to join the rallies:

“I was in the Alexey’s position. I know how it feels and I know the value of the public support at moments like these.”