MBK: “There is finally some understanding of what should be done”

April 23, 2021
Mikhail Khodorkovsky with Emily Maitlis

Mikhail Khodorkovsky spoke to award winning journalist  Emily Maitlis for BBC Newsnight to comment on the current situation in Russia.

In the interview he said:

“Recent decisions of [Biden’s] administration to freeze assets not just of the people who take part in operations directly against the United States, but also those who fight the free press, who violate human rights, who take part in corruption show that there is finally some understanding of what should be done.

All this together will have the biggest impact on Putin’s agents who he constantly tries to plant in the systems of Western countries.

If the EU were to take similar actions, Putin’s operations would be seriously undermined.”

You can watch the interview through BBC iplayer (in UK only) here.