Open Russia Journalism as a Profession Award: The Shortlist

November 20, 2017

Open Russia’s panel of experts has decided on the finalists for the 2017 Journalism as a Profession Award.  Out of almost 600 entries, 30 publications were chosen to be put froward for awards in the following six journalistic categories.


Nominees for “Investigative Journalism”:

  • Dmitri Okrest. Identification BORN: The Life and Death of a Band of Murderous Nationalists
  • Elena Milashina. Honour Killing. How the Ambitions of a Well-Known LGBT Activist Awoke a Terrible Ancient Custom in Chechnya.
  • Igor Skovoroda, Sergei Smirnov. Timur and His Team. How An Ingush Counter-Extremism Unit Turnout Out to Be a Band of Sadists and Fraudsters
  • Ilya Kazakov. Petersburg. “Soroka Sorokov”
  • Ilya Rozhdestvensky. The Search for the FSB’s “Secret Prisons”


Nominees for “Reportage”:

  • Yulia Korneva. It’s Also Necessary to Torture, to an Extent
  • Olga Bobrova. Accusations on Both Sides
  • Andrey Anosov. How to Steal a Billion
  • Daniil Turovsky. The Second Katyn. How the Soviet Authorities Fired on a Demonstration in Novocherkask — and Who Holds the Memory of These Events
  • Pavel Kanygin. The Lyrical Hero of the Court and Investigation


Nominees for “Interview & Profile”

  • Alexander Butrin. The Khottabich Affair
  • Pavel Kanygin. I Believed That We Weren’t In Ukraine
  • Roman Super. The Heroes of RBC: Arkady Maiophis
  • Andrey Filimonov. The Russian People are Waking Up
  • Elena Kostuchenko. You Kill Him or We’ll Kill Him. Choose What’s Best. A Monologue of a Homosexual Who Escaped From Chechnya.


Nominees for “Opinion Journalism”:

  • Konstantin Haas. Hybrid or Dictatorship — 2. How Vladimir Putin’s War Coalition Was Formed
  • Ali Feruz. Slaves For a Day. Making a Living at the Polling Station
  • Pavel Kanygin. “The Last Hero” Givi
  • Alexander Baunov. Split Loyalty. Why Can’t The Campaign Against “Matilda” Be Stopped?
  • Maria Kuvshikov. The Elite as an Accessory


Nominees for “Regional Topics”:

  • Sergey Khazov-Kassia, Andrey Kostyanov, Peter Soloviev. The Queue
  • Anton Naumlyuk. “Maybe I Should Refuse Faith? Tell Me!”
  • Anton Golunov. How Yury Chaika’s Partners Receive State Money Because Moscow Citizens Use Pay-to-Use Toilets
  • Kseniya Leonova. Yuzha: How A City Lives Where Women Are In Power
  • Gleb Yarovoy. The Valaam Billions


Nominees for “Photo History”:

  • Arkady Babchenko. The Arrest of The National Guard in Italy
  • Andrey Shapan. The Story of the Meteorologist From Russia’s Polyarnaya Station
  • Timofey Butenko. Who is Responsible For Burying Pokrov’s Citizens Alive?
  • Oleg Klimov. “Kto ne Khodit v Nogu, Slishit Drugoy Baraban.”
  • Evgeny Feldman. Photo Project “This is Navalny”


The award ceremony and announcements of the winners of the 2017 Open Russia’s “Journalism as a Profession” prize will take place on December 12 at Pikk 26, 10133, Talinn, Estonia.