Russian FSB Generals: Real Government Of Russia?

March 19, 2021

Do Russian FSB Generals actually rule Russia? Who are the people working in FSB in Russia? How rich is FSB? Mikhail Khodorkovsky explains in detail everything you want and need to know about Russian FSB!

One of the FSB’s services is the protection of the constitutional order and the fight against terrorism. This particular branch of FSB is the most influential service. This is Russia’s secret police. It’s responsible for protecting Putin’s legitimacy, and for the fight against dissent and opposition.
This service was responsible for Alexey Navalny’s poisoning and the silencing of several journalists trying to expose corruption.

Another service of FSB is the economic security service within the FSB which is basically Russia’s shadow government. The FSB controls scientific research, supervises education, interferes with social life, and regulates policy and economy. And the worst part, he FSB is famously known for its corruption and lawlessness which is sewn into the very fabric of the FSB.

Why do ordinary FSB generals have more power than a deputy prime minister or governor, and why is this so harmful for Russia? Let’s find out with Mikhail Khodorkovsky.