Shortlist For The Journalism As A Profession Award For 2022 Announced

November 23, 2022

The Journalism as a Profession awards is an annual event where journalists, editors and other prominent figures from the media community come together to celebrate the best of Russian-language journalism. The Expert Council of the Journalism as a Profession Award reviewed all works submitted to the competition and has come up with a short list.

It was worth the heroic efforts of the experts, because the number of without exaggeration excellent works, made the choice excruciating. Now the jury must determine the winners, and they have an even more difficult choice to make — to determine one winner in each category.

In this difficult and tragic year, independent Russian journalism has proven that it, persecuted and banned, is capable of surviving, living, working, and doing so at a high professional level. A bow to all. Thank you to all the contestants. Congratulations to all nominees!

PS 1. Some materials do not have an author. This means that colleagues, for one reason or another, limited themselves to the signature “editorial”.  2. The link to Julia Vishnevetskaya’s documentary film cannot be provided, until she herself puts it up on YouTube or on some available platforms. The experts and the jury have a private link.

The Country

  1. Elena Trifonova. The People of Baikal. “Everything here reeks of the dead”.…/…/tut-vsyo-propahlo-mertveczami/
  2. Paper. How the security forces invented and tested a new method of putting pressure on activists.
  3. Siberia Realities. “I wanted to understand why he died”.…/31999434.html
  4. Kira Derevtsova. “You scratch him out of there, take me away”: in Transbaikalia, a father asked to mobilize him instead of his sick son.
  5. Vladimir Sevrinovsky. Cherta. “The commander said to me: “Thank you for your son”: as a family from the Kursk region is searching for their son who disappeared in the war.…/propal-bez-vesti-soldat-v-ukraine/

Interview / Portrait

  1. Konstantin Goldenzweig. Rain TV Channel. From a liberal to the master of Donbass. The story of Sergei Kiriyenko, ready to become Putin’s successor.
  2. Zelensky’s interview with a group of Russian journalists. (Ivan Kolpakov, Tikhon Dzyadko, Mikhail Zygar, Vladimir Solovyov).
  3. Katerina Gordeeva. Tell Gordeeva Polina Osetinskaya: “When you are close to the edge, there is no more fear”. + Series of wartime interviews
  4. Julia Balakhonova and the Project team. The Project. Investigation lead by executioners. A story about who makes spies out of Russians, and how.
  5. Yuri Dud (Youtube channel). Yashin – to be against Putin, but remaining in Russia. + Series of wartime interviews

Digital channels

  1. Telegram channel Repost.
  2. Mikhail Fishman. Youtube Channel/Rain.
  3. Panorama Telegram Channel.
  4. Alexandra Livergant, Pavel Merkulov. Need It More Than Anyone. How Women Suffer from War.
  5. RE RUSSIA Project.


  1. Ekaterina Fomina. Important Stories. Shootings, Looting and Criminal Orders. First-person truth about the war. Investigation.,…/15/komandir-dal-prikaz-v-raskhod-…/
  2. Mediazona + Anton Mardilovich, David Frenkel, Mikhail Poloznyakov + Mediazone’s Data-section. A series of Materials. Marauders., Let’s Get Married. The growth in the number of weddings shows that by mid-October at least 492 thousand people were mobilized in Russia. Who is dying in the war with Ukraine.
  3. Anna Ryzhkova, Daria Kucherenko. Layout. “I’ll take a refugee from Ukraine. Young, healthy, beautiful, hardworking”.
  4. Katya Arenina. The Project. The Process. A story about how the Chekists came up with the Ivan Safronov case.
  5. Kristina Safonova. Meduza. A series of materials. The Treaty of Friendship with the DPR and LPR, adopted by the deputies of the State Duma, started the war. But many of these deputies were simply not elected, “Meduza” received a unique video archive from the 2021 elections. As many as 17 million votes were thrown in for them.…/dogovor-o-druzhbe-s-dnr-i-lnr-prinyatyy…

Story / Reporting

  1. Liliya Yapparova. Meduza. A series of materials. Mom, I don’t want this to continue. Stop.…/mama-ya-ne-hochu-chtoby-eto-prodolzhalo…,,…/2022/09/28/esli-chestno-oni-vse-tam-pog…,…/pohorony-my-staralis-ne-otkladyvat-na-s…
  2. Peter Ruzavin. Mediazona. Kupyanskiy paradise. Reportage from the liberated cities of Kharkiv region. Kharkiv is ironclad. How the city survived three months of shelling, and the surrounding villages – the occupation.
  3. Kirill Rukov. Meduza. “Every day you wake up – and you are someone new. Today you are a gravedigger.…/kazhdyy-den-prosypaeshsya-i-ty-kto-to-n…
  4. Taisia Bekbulatova. Cold. Night is the worst time of day. Russian soldiers left Borodyanka. Now the dead are buried there.
  5. Elena Kostyuchenko. Novaya Gazeta/Mediazone. Kherson. Report by Elena Kostyuchenko, which “Novaya Gazeta” removed at the request of Roskomnadzor. “We don’t want to fight against Russia. And you don’t fight against us.”…/my-ne-khotim-voevat-protiv-rossi…/


  1. Alexei Korostelev. The Project. The Bragging of Majors. Shoigu.
  2. Anna Mongait, Anna Fimina. Rain – Women from above. Ukrainian women: what they are doing to them in Russian captivity.…
  3. “Signs of Life”. Radio Liberty. “After the New Year I left, never saw again.” Father, Son and War.…/32005521.html
  4. Irina Dolinina, Ekaterina Fomina. Important Stories. Refugees 2022.…/bezhentsi-2022-…/index.html
  5. Konstantin Goldenzweig. Youtube channel Vsya takaya Mongayt (All such Mongait). From “the Orange Revolution” to the War. How Gelman, Pavlovsky and Belkovsky sculpted Ukrainian politicians.…

Documentary Film

  1. Askold Kurov. Novaya Gazeta. Film about the end of an era: the war with Ukraine, the defeat of “Echo” and “Dozhd”, the closure of the “Memorial” and the termination of “Novay”…/dannoe-soobshchenie-sozdano-i-ras…
  2. Dmitry Bagnenko, Lidiya Biletskaya. BBC Russian Service. Occupation.…
  3. Julia Vishnevetskaya. “Carmen, or the Story of the unfortunate love of Hanspeter from Oberkassel, which brought my children happiness in a foreign country.”
  4. Andrei Loshak. Present Time. Breaking the connection.…
  5. Alexey Pivovarov. Editorial. The Amazing Story of Yuri Knorozov, who Solved the Mystery of the Maya Civilization.…

Multimedia / Podcast

  1. Nastya Krasilnikova. Libo/Libo. Podcast “Students”.
  2. Important Stories. A series of materials. Which regions gave the most men to the war.…/kakie-regioni-otdali-bolshe-vsego…/. “If you don’t raise your sons, the tank won’t move and the cannon won’t fire”.…/esli-sinovei-ne-virastit-tank-ne-…/
  3. My district (St. Petersburg) Editorial. Article 2073.
  4. Semyon Sheshenin. Libo/Libo. Podcast Show Harbin. “You wanted to be the Russian Atlantis? Then sink like Atlantis!”.…/khoteli-byt-russkoi-atlantidoi…
  5. Dmitry Durnev. Spectrum. “I want them to get a taste of their own Russian world.”.…/