The Kremlin unmasked. Putin’s clique real power | Khodorkovsky blog

May 1, 2021

The Kremlin is mentioned in international news as often as the White House. But what kind of place is it? Who resides there and why is it so important to #Russian history?

For centuries the #Kremlin was the official residence of Russian Tsars. Peter the Great left #Moscow for his new capital, Saint Petersburg, and the Kremlin fell into disuse until the arrival of the Bolsheviks. After the fall of the USSR it became the residency of Russian presidents.

The new governing body comprised of experts and consultants was named the Presidential Administration of Russia and acquired great power and authority. The Kremlin mentioned in the news is precisely the same thing – a circle of Putin’s former colleagues, friends and contacts from the Federal Security Service.

Ostensibly, Kremlin officials control no one but in reality they became the only group responsible for political decisions in #Russia . How did it happen and why there is only one real politician in Russia? How does Kremlin affect state institutions and #Putin himself? Find out in Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s new video!