The Open Russia Club in London

November 3, 2015


The Open Russia Club is opening on 10 November in London.  It will offer a lively programme of politics and culture, of theatre, concerts, films, art, rock music, wine and food tastings.

In Russia any creative initiative, whether political or cultural, which goes against pro-government ideology, nowadays has no chance of success. So Russian cultural life is moving to London, where 300,000 Russians are living, working and studying.

The Open Russia Club will be a meeting place for the giants of Russian culture: writers, artists, political journalists, academics, theatre and cinema directors, as well as for public and political figures. Each week the Club will host lectures, discussions, round tables, concerts and chamber theatre. The hall has seating for 60, and members of the audience will be able to ask questions, join in the action and chat to the guest speaker.

The Open Russia Club will attract people with an interest in Russian culture, and curious to hear about what is happening in today’s Russia.

The opening invitation only event on 10 November will see Stanislav Belkovsky and Gleb Pavlovsky discussing the question “Can we develop the idea of Russia’s future here, in another country?”

Future guests will include journalist Masha Slonim, poet Andrei Orlov (Orlusha), writer and literary critic Aleksandr Arkhangelsky, economist Irina Yasina, theatre specialist Marina Davydova, film critic Anton Dolin, editor in chief of Dozhd TV Mikhail Zygar and writer and journalist Yuliya Latynina.

The Open Russia Club

16 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London W1S 1HT
+44 20 3769 6429