“Who, if not Putin?”

September 8, 2016

Press Release

08 09 2016

Mikhail Khodorkovsky addresses the question,
“Who, if not Putin?”

Journalists are invited to a meeting with the founder of Open Russia (who will be participating by video link).

Kremlin spin doctors for many years have been telling Russian citizens there is no alternative to Putin. And for some reason, few people find it strange that among the more than 145 million Russians there is no one who can take up the post of President of the Russian Federation.

12 September, 2016, Mikhail Khodorkovsky will make a statement about the search for a candidate in the presidential election in 2018.

“Our country needs somebody who can lead the people in a fundamentally new direction. Russia does not need a ‘king, leader and father,’ but rather a competent and professional manager. A person who will faithfully execute the duties entrusted to him for a limited period, elected to protect the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens, ensuring their well-being and security, and reporting to the people on the work done.”

Who is this man?
We invite journalists to a meeting with Mikhail Khodorkovsky (who will be participating by video link).

12 September, 2016, Moscow
10.30am Moscow Time

Limited places available.
Accreditation up to 08.00, 12 September
Entrance only with passport and press card

Please note that this press conference will be in Russian

For media accreditation please send full contact details to:
Maria Galitskaya, Press Office, Open Russia