Winners of Journalism as a Profession Award Announced

December 15, 2021

The winners of the 2021 Journalism as a Profession Award were announced on the evening of December 14th, 2021.  They were selected by an independent jury of journalists and political experts.

Let’s remember their names – these are the people who remain faithful to their profession despite pressure from the authorities.

Congratulations to the winners!

Journalism as a Profession Award celebrates its sixth year.

The 2021 winners are:

The ‘History/Reporting’ Category

Elena Kostyuchenko, Yury Kozyrev – Novaya Gazeta

Internment. At present 177,000 Russians live in closed psychiatric facilities. Most of them will die there. Elena Kostyuchenko and Yuri Kozyrev spent several weeks with the inmates of a closed psychiatric institution.

The ‘Interview/Portrait’ Category

Katerina Gordeeva

For the entire “Say Gordeeva” 2021 series of interviews.

The ‘Documentary film’ Category

Anna Artemyeva, Anna Pindyurina, Vlad Dokshin, Sergey Sokolov and Kirill Sakharnov – Novaya Gazeta

How Anna was killed. The Novaya Gazeta film on the 15th anniversary of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder.

The ‘Investigation’ Category

Katya Arenina – Important Stories

“We’ll kill you if we have to”. FSIN officers in the Vladimir region, where Alexei Navalny is serving his sentence, have been accused of torture and murder for years, but they continue to rise through the ranks. Two of them are now in charge of the prison regime in all Russian penal colonies.

The ‘Video’ Category

Masha Borzunova – Dozhd

The country in exile: how Belarusians are fleeing the Lukashenko regime and what they hope for.

‘The Country’ Category

Yulia Korneva, Alexander Sakalov – TV-2.

Mill. TV2 expedition to Old Believers’ place of exile where they used to hide deep in the heart of the taiga forest.

The Multimedia+Podcast Category

Valery Panyushkin, Varvara Panyushkina, Alexandra Romantsova, Sonya Sokolova, Alexandra Livergant

The Cell #18Project. The story of 36 women, who were locked up for almost a week without food, water, medicine, clothes, hygiene products and hardly any air in the eleven-metre cell #18 in the Minsk pre-trial detention centre Okrestina.

The Special Jury Prize

The Special Jury Prize this year is awarded to Russian journalists who have been designated foreign agents. We consider the “foreign agent” status, applied to individuals and associated with the loss of civil rights, a form of political persecution, linked to their work as  journalists and thus express our solidarity with our colleagues, while paying tribute to their courage in defending the principles of independent journalism.

  • Ludmila Savitskaya
  • Sergei Markelov
  • Denis Kamalyagin
  • Roman Sergeevich Badanin
  • Glikin Maxim Alexandrovich
  • Maniakhin Pyotr Borisovich
  • Yulia Petrovna Yarosh
  • Olga Churakova
  • Maria Mikhaylovna Zheleznova
  • Lukyanova Julia Sergeevna
  • Yelizaveta Vitalyevna Maetnaya
  • Rubin Mikhail Arkadyevich
  • Sofya Romanovna Groisman
  • Rozhdestvensky Ilya Dmitrievich
  • Yulia Vladimirovna Apukhtina
  • Posternak Alexey Evgenyevich
  • Shmagun Olesya Valentinovna
  • Alesya Alekseevna Marokhovskaya
  • Irina Dolinina
  • Shleinov Roman Yurievich
  • Roman Aleksandrovich Anin
  • Dmitry Velikovsky
  • Sergey Sergeyevich Smirnov
  • Pyotr Yuryevich Verzilov
  • Tatiana Anatolievna Voltskaya
  • Klepikovskaya Ekaterina Dmitrievna
  • Daniil Sotnikov
  • Andrey Vyacheslavovich Zakharov
  • Yevgeny Alexeyevich Simonov
  • Surnacheva Yelizaveta Dmitrievna
  • Solovyova Elena Anatolievna
  • Pearl Roman Alexandrovich
  • Oleg Alexandrovich Elanchik
  • Alina Grigorieva
  • Andrey Valeryevich Grigoryev
  • Gimalova Regina Emilevna
  • Regina Faritovna Khisamova
  • Elena Skvortsova
  • Maxim Zagovora