“With regard to the murder of Litvinenko”

January 21, 2016
Marina Litvinenko outside the Central Courts of Justice

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

With regard to the murder of Litvinenko it is said that, “Patrushev [head of the FSB] and Putin could possibly be behind it.” This means that there is no definite evidence to file an indictment (at a certain time in England there have been attempts to bring charges against Pinochet on the basis of the statements of relatives of victims and statements of generals, but the evidence was found to be insufficient. Whereas, in Spain the charges were presented, and the extradition of the general from London started). But there are grounds to believe that Putin could have been aware of the planned murder attempt; and taking into account his official position, even the lack of a direct order to commit murder, when there is no specific order to prohibit it, gives one reason to believe that this silence could be taken to “stand for” or “possibly approve.”

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