“It would seem that he is no longer capable of changing”

April 29, 2015

Mikhail Khodorkovsky — on the film «President»

Former YUKOS head Mikhail Khodorkovsky, writing on his personal facebook page, offered his assessment of the pronouncements by the heroes of the documentary film «President», dedicated to 15 years of Vladimir Putin’s rule.

In Vladimir Solovyov’s movie, which was broadcast on 26 April by the television channel «Rossiya», Khodorkovsky is mentioned in connection with “the YUKOS affair”.  His activity is analyzed by businessman Vladimir Potanin and former finance minister of Russia Alexei Kudrin.  In particular, the former comments on MBK with sympathy, while the latter criticizes YUKOS for tax avoidance.

Read more about the film in WSJ, The Guardian, Reuters and RFERL.

I have read excerpts from the film «President».  I didn’t have enough patience to watch it in its entirety. Putin himself demonstrates an inability to accept the modern paradigm of the development of civilization:  it is people, values, and knowledge that are important, while territories and states are secondary. It would seem that he is no longer capable of changing.

Potanin did not surprise me either – he made his choice in favor of trying to preserve his wealth and security by sacrificing independence.  He has that right.  From this point of view, it is indeed hard to understand the choice I made.

The esteemed Alexei Kudrin was somewhat disappointing.

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