“Journalism as a Profession” Open Russia Journalism Awards 2016

October 20, 2016


Open Russia announces
the inaugural “Journalism as a Profession” Awards

The objective of the awards is to raise the prestige of journalism in Russia; to affirm the professional standards that differentiate journalism from propaganda, and uphold journalism’s role as the means by which the populace wields power (rather than as a means to manipulate the populace).

The “Journalism as a Profession” prizes may be awarded to Russian and foreign authors for Russia-themed articles in both Russian and foreign media. The prize is awarded in seven categories:

  • Investigations
  • Reportage
  • Interview + Profile
  • Opinion Journalism
  • Regional Themes
  • Russia-themed foreign-language items by Russian journalists
  • Russia-themed articles published in foreign media outlets by foreign journalists

Nominees will be selected by a council of experts, comprising:
Vasily Gatov – media analyst
Irina Petrovskaya – Novaya Gazeta columnist
Yulia Muchnik – TV2 news anchor

A jury headed by journalist Maria Slonim will select the winners. The jury includes:
Yuri Saprykin – editorial director of The Moscow Times publishing house)
Roman Badanin – editor-in- chief of TV Rain
Sergei Smirnov – editor-in-chief of the MediaZona website
Arkady Ostrovsky – Moscow correspondent of The Economist
Maxim Trubolyudov – journalist
Sergei Parkhomenko – journalist
Andrey Loshak – journalist
Kirill Rogov – journalist
Maria Eysmont – journalist
Boris Reitschuster – journalist

The Awards Coordinator is journalist Natalia Gevorkyan.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony to be held in Tallinn, Estonia, on December 7, 2016.

At the prize-giving, Open Russia will award three grants for Russia-focused journalistic investigations in any one of the following topics: Politics, Corruption, Economy, Society, Culture, Sport.

To submit a nomination, please click here https://prize.openrussia.org/applicant-form/

To find out more about the awards, please contact Open Russia:
8 (800) 775-49-74 (free to call from within Russia) or +7 (495) 204-17-14

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