Khodorkovsky will be watching from the sidelines

April 21, 2016

TIME magazine has been looking at the ruling of 20 April 2016 by a court in The Hague overturning the $50 billion arbitration award in 2015 to GML former majority shareholders of Yukos. 



“Khodorkovsky will be watching from the sidelines. Soon after his arrest in 2003, he transferred his stake in the Yukos oil empire to his partners. So he doesn’t have much to gain, at least financially, from the litigation in the Hague. “Even without me, no one will give them any peace on this issue,” he told me with a smile soon after his release. For his part, he plans to continue his crusade against Putin for as long as it takes to unseat him. ‘My friends will continue their resistance,’ he wrote on Twitter after Wednesday’s ruling, referring to the Yukos shareholders. ‘I’ll keep going for regime change by other means.’”

The full article can be read here


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