The Kremlin Started This War, And Now It’s Losing

October 2, 2017

Mikhail Khodorkovsky comments on the recent surge in apparent ‘terrorist activity’ that has swept across Russia. 

For a month now Russia has been living in a state of undeclared war with a phantom opponent.  This war is quietly being covered up by the state TV channels and the security services, while the government is busy pretending that nothing is happening.

Since September 10 Russia has seen a wave of mass evacuations has sweep across the country as telephone terrorists are reporting bomb threats from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk.  The psychological damage is already considerable.

So what are the people who receive money for this doing about it?  First they let out the rumour that these are Russian exercises, then they blame Ukrainians, then ISIS militants, and then hackers.  But the problem went unsolved.

On September 29, Ekaterinburg, Russia’s third largest city, was completely locked down by terrorist threats.  What were the FSB doing at the time?  As usual: they were busy shaking up the competition and harassing the Alexey Navalny campaign.

The Kremlin itself invented this hybrid war, and it’s now on the losing side.

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