MBK: Declaring Khodorkovsky Foundation “undesirable” harms Russian citizens

July 1, 2021

Mikhail Khodorkovsky commented on the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office decision to declare Future of Russia Foundation, Khodorkovsky Foundation, Oxford Russia Foundation and European Choice “undesirable organizations”:

„The Kremlin’s decision to add four more organisations, including the UK Khodorkovsky Foundation, to the list of undesirable organisations is a logical and anticipated move by the authorities.

The Khodorkovsky Foundation has for over twenty years helped thousands of children from disadvantaged families to get a good education in Russia and in top European universities. These government actions harm Russian citizens. Such steps increasingly isolate Russia from Europe, depriving Russians of engagement and dialogue with Europe under the guise of protecting constitutional order. They force thinking and active citizens to leave their own country.

Unfortunately, the trend of intimidation and political repression continues and is unlikely to change after the Duma elections in September. In such a situation, lawful charitable work in Russia becomes impossible. Resources (of the Foundation) will be reallocated to support outreach projects for Russians delivered in other countries.”