Open Russia has launched the “Open Russia University” online educational project

January 27, 2016

January 27 2016
Moscow and London

Open Russia has launched the “Open Russia University” an online educational humanities project, taught in Russian by leading academics, scientists, writers and economists, and open to all Russian speakers, of any age, wherever they may be.

The aim of the Open Russia University is to look into Russia’s past, so as to better understand it’s future, and how best to develop and manage that future.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, founder of the Open Russia movement, has spoken about the importance of an analytical and impartial education: “The humanities are in a deplorable condition [in today’s Russia]. Many sources, originally meant to educate and widen people’s horizons are ideologically biased. The Open Russia University is a step towards returning to a … balanced analysis of the past, and an assessment of both the present and future.”

The Open Russia University is free, and open to all Russian speakers who have access to the Internet. In keeping with the democratic aims of the Open Russia movement, there are no entrance qualifications. Registration is easy, via the website; students need only a Facebook or vKontakte account to register. Upon registration, students have access to the entire programme.

Tatiana Fokina, manager of the project, says that, “the aim is to teach people how to think critically and make their own conclusions based on proven facts.”

In total there will be 5 programmes: “New History,” “Culture and Art,” “Political Science,” “Sociology,” and “Economics.”

The first programme, “New History,” will have a total of 6 courses. The first course, some of which is available now, is titled “Culture as Politics,” divided into 19 video lectures, totalling 3 hours of teaching.

For each course, students are expected to complete tests, assignments and to read additional literature.

Students can choose their own study timetable, allowing them to conveniently fit each course and programme into their daily lives.

Students that have successfully completed each course will receive a certificate, leading to a final programme diploma.

The Open Russia University is looking for partners who share our belief that an impartial education is the key to a better Russia. Please email us in either English or Russian to

You can find out more (in Russian) at