Russia must say “No!” to 16 more years of Putin. I have a different vision!

March 12, 2020

Mikhail Khodorkovsky published a book presenting his vision for Russia in reaction to recent discussion on changes to the Constitution. You can read the book (in Russian only) here. Mr. Khodorkovsky commented on his social media:

Not only did Vladimir Putin’s speech yesterday confirm our previous assumptions over this mess, related to the amendments to the constitution, but it also highlighted key aspects of the ruling elite’s aspirations for the future.

These aspirations include:

  • The continued archaization of the country
  • Making it impossible to replace the current regime
  • Complete removal of any remaining independence of the court
  • The subordination of parliament, the government, and the president’s inner circle, with no transparency for any future legislation
  • Eradication of local government
  • International integration in terms of legislation and human rights will only depend on the interests of the Kremlin group.

I believe that this is a poor direction for Russia to take. It means that we should expect further economic and social problems. We are falling further down in comparison to the rest of the world.

There is no doubt now what are the real motivations for these amendments to the Constitution.

The upcoming vote on the 22nd of April is not about the minimum wage and school lunches. It’s about turning the country into a tyranny. It’s about depriving citizens of any hope of legal protection, of any proper representation in parliament, and of any right to determine their own lives.

This is about continued stagnation and the dominance of embezzlers.

By running a “fraudulent” vote on these amendments, and by dragging world leaders to the podium of the Mausoleum for the 75th anniversary of victory in the Second World War, the Kremlin gang plans to legitimise the usurpation of power.

We cannot afford to sit by and allow this to happen!

We must say “NO!” to their plans.

But by participating in this vote aren’t you helping to legitimise their plans?

Of course not!

A protest that is clearly expressed, regardless how it is expressed, is still a protest. Regardless what the Kremlin service say. Yet silence can be interpreted as you want it to be.

Egging people at a pro-Kremlin rally will not be seen as “participation” by the organisers.

Does the opposition have a different vision of the future for the country? Or are they unable to form one?

Of course they do! Understandably there are disagreements on certain issues, but (discussion) this is what sets us apart from the Kremlin.

(The Kremlin) is a rotting and motionless log on the road that is barricading the progression of this country. It will remain this way until it decays or is thrown away.

We- are a civil society- a movement, a development. Even during disputes and struggles.

In order not to be unfounded, I offer my view on the future of the country, based on my personal vision, as well as after discussing with friends and experts.

There will most probably be other opinions, and I will be glad to discuss them. But most importantly:

The archaic Kremlin has a clear and reasonable alternative.

What Putin is offering is a road to oblivion (or disaster). It is in our power to prevent this!