Supreme Court Declines to Review Alexey Pichugin Case

November 8, 2017

Mikhail Khodorkovsky responds to the Supreme Court’s decision not to review imprisoned former Yukos employee Alexey Pichugin’s case.

The Supreme Court has refused to submit Alexey Pichugin’s case for review.  Here’s what can be said about that:

Due to the fact that the right to a fair trial was violated during the investigation into Alexey Pichugin, both of his cases should be reviewed.  But this court, it seems, is incapable of making an unjust judgement, and so it is not really a court at all.  Therefore, both verdicts against Pichugin should be revoked immediately.

Instead, the gentlemen who have captured the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Justice (I make a point not to call them “Russian”, as these people do not represent my country) are simply limited to paying compensation for moral harm.  Meanwhile, in next year’s Federal Budget, allocations for such payments have been increased, which means that the regime fully intends not to comply with further decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

In summary; Alexey Pichugin is innocent.  There is not a single sentence in his case that is not subject to a review.  And on this basis Alexey should be released immediately.

While you, you ignoble gentlemen, who sold your judicial authority for lentil soup, will face real justice, not just the justice of history.  While this will be a just court, I’m sure you will not see it that way.

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