Newsletters / Free Shaman Gabyshev, victim of political abuse of psychiatry!

On July 26 Shaman Alexander Gabyshev was confined to forced psychiatric treatment by a court in Siberian region of Yakutia.

The Shaman gained international attention in 2019, when he marched from Siberia to Moscow to drive the Russian president out of office, calling Putin “evil”. Gabryshev tried to walk to the capital several times, but was always stopped by the police.

The term of the forced “treatment” is unclear – it can be extended until the doctors decide it’s no longer needed and usually takes no less than 3 years.

“He will be kept in prison-like conditions” his lawyer Alexey Pryanishnikov said.

In April Shaman’s sister alerted the media that her brother’s health had dramatically deteriorated, likely due to the unknown treatment he was subjected to.

Gabyshev’s case illustrates fear of the Kremlin regime of any dissent and is an example of political abuse of psychiatry in Putin’s Russia resembling Soviet-time practices.

Free Shaman Alexander Gabyshev!