Newsletters / Gardariki – a Vision for a Post-Putin Russia


Mikhail Khodorkovsky has published a book presenting his vision of reform in a post-Putin Russia.

“What is the Russia of my dreams? It is a country with national interests that lie in a speedy integration into the world economic system, with the opportunity to play a worthy role. It is a democratic state that observes the rule of law, firm in its civilizational unity at home, and based on the fundamental principle of freedom. It is Garðaríki, as the Vikings once called it (from the Old Norse words “gard” for city and “riki” for land) — a nation of many cities that take power into their own hands.”

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Khodorkovsky discussed the vision detailed in his book during the discussion, “Will Putin Make It to 2024 and What Comes Next?”, organized by CEPA, as well as at the conference “Russia & the West 2020: Rapprochement or Systemic Conflict?”, hosted by Center for Liberal Modernity.

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“All authoritarian regimes always come to an end, because everyone commits critical errors. The result of a critical error is a change of government. Under democracy it’s not a tragedy, but a normal course of events. Under authoritarian rule it is the end of the regime as we know it.

M. Khodorkovsky

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