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Justice in Russia is like a lottery. Over the last few days we’ve had some success stories, but also we had a person sentenced to jail for a social media repost, a ruling we will of course be appealing.

You can always help those who are being prosecuted for their opinions and their political activity. Just press the button below.

Three Open Russia Members Spared ‘Undesirable Organisation’ Charges

Yakov Grigoriev, Petr Zuev and Konstantin Crane held an authorised demonstration against the presumption of innocence of the police and were detained there for holding an Open Russia flag. According to the police, the activists were acting on behalf of an ‘undesirable organization’. Lawyer Sergei Badamshin successfully defended our activists in court and reminded the court that Open Russia is in fact a very desirable organisation.

Alexey Politikov Receives Verdict Over March 26

Vyacheslav Maltsev supporter Alexey Politikov has received a verdict on charges of assaulting a police officer at the March 26 anti-corruption demonstration in Moscow. According to the final version of the investigation, Politikov “grabbed and tugged with his hands” at the body of the police captain and inflicted “no less than one blow to the right of his stomach with his right fist.” The policeman was wearing a special uniform and the injuries were qualified as not harmful to his wellbeing.

Appeal Begins For Alexey Mironov, Sentenced To 2 Years For Online Post

The absurd circus over the deleted posts on Alexei Mironov’s “Vkontakte” account has ended and we have managed to help him raise the required funds for a lawyer. To recall, the the prosecution witnesses were 2 FSB officers, a member of the Federal Penitentiary Service and a pensioner who came to court drunk and did not know what VKontakte was. Furthermore, we have already begun to prepare an appeal against Mironov’s two year prison sentence.

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