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Hello everyone!  Here in Open Russia’s Human Rights team we’ve had a very busy week inside and outside of the courtroom.  What we do is possible only thanks to your support, so thank you all for your kind donations!

Putin’s Birthday Demonstrations in Moscow and St. Petersburg See Mixed Reaction From Police

October 7

On October 7 demonstrations took place across Russia to mark Vladimir Putin’s birthday and speak out against sweeping raids conducted on opposition groups, as well as the arrest of Alexey Navalny. In St. Petersburg demonstrators were arrested after shouting “For Navalny!”. Demonstrators were threatened with criminal prosecution, but were released on charges of “hooliganism” after our lawyer arrived at the scene. In Moscow the protests and detentions took place throughout the night, which we spent travelling between different police stations. In total over 300 were detained.

Court Arrests Vyacheslav Maltsev In Absentia

October 10. Moscow

Moscow’s Meshansky Court has arrested Vyacheslav Maltsev in absentia for two months. The investigator claimed that Maltsev, after his involvement in ‘unsanctioned demonstrations’ was a habitual lawbreaker and, if not incarcerated, may use his foreign passport to evade the law. Maltsev was considered by ‘experts’ to “not respect government of the Russian Federation”.

Open Russia and Navalny Activists Targeted by Anti-Extremism Squad for Laying Flowers

October 11. Ulyanovsk.

Regardless of the fact that the demonstration was officially agreed by the local authorities, activists were called down to the infamous “Centre E”, Russia’s counter-extremism unit where they were charged with “expressing protest against the politics of the Russian Federation”. They are now awaiting trial with the defence of a lawyer provided by Open Russia.

Moscow City Court Defends Sentence of June 12 Protester

October 11. Moscow.

Rasim Iskakov was recently sentenced to 2 years 6 months in prison for using force against police officers during the June 12 anti-corruption demonstrations that took place across Russia. Iskakov is the sole breadwinner for his family, and the Moscow City Court has upheld its sentence against him. Iskakov’s lawyer commented “the judge did not hear our argument that the sentence was excessively harsh, given that Iskakov did not inflict either physical or moral harm and he is the only breadwinner in his family.”

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