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Hello everyone! There’s a lot to talk about this week. We are continuing to defend participants of pro-democracy demonstrations, and we’ve filed official appeals to the European Court of Human Rights in defence of those who have been prosecuted for exercising their constitutional rights. Check out what we’ve been up to this week in the letter below.

Alexey Politikov, Father of Sick Child, Given 2 Year Sentence

Politkov, who was detained at the anti-corruption demonstration on March 26 for assaulting a police officer, has been given a 2 year sentence. Politkov is the sole provider for his family, with 3 children (one of whom has a chronic illness) and an elderly mother. Without him the family are already struggling. The judge at the trial noted down Politkov’s positive characteristics and his wife said that he regularly helped the local orphanage in setting up an IT class. His lawyer, Open Russia’s Sergey Badamshin, has called for an easing for the punishment. Politkov says that he wants to prove that he is worthy of freedom.

Russian Guard Officer Unable to Identify Schoolboy Demonstrator Galyashkin

The victim has not been able to identify 17-year-old Galyashkin, who was detained after a demonstration on June 12 for assaulting a Russian Guard officer with pepper spray. The officer also claims that he does not remember whether he had used any force on Galyashkin. Galyashkin’s lawyer, Sergey Badamshin, says that the minor acted in self defence. Judging by the skinny frame of the minor and the sizable mass of the Russian Guard officer, it is clear that Galyashkin would not have been able to do much harm. Galyashkin still remains under house arrest.

Open Russia Activist Fined 10,000 Rubles for Laying Flowers in Memory of Victims of Political Oppression

Open Russia member Andrey Isvekov has been fined 10,000 rubles for placing flowers on a memorial for victims of political oppression. This happened at a demonstration organized by Alexey Navalny supporters and Open Russia in memory of Anna Politkovskaya on October 7. Afterwards the activists were taken to the “Anti-Extremism Centre” despite the fact that the demonstration was authorized. According to the court, Isvekov and others were expressing protest against the politics of the President of the Russian Federation.

Open Russia Lawyer Badamshin to Represent Stabbed Echo Moscow Journalist

Moscow Echo editor and journalist Tatiana Felgenhauer was stabbed in the neck by a “psychologically unstable” man who claimed to have been incontact with her through “telepathy”. Our lawyer Sergey Badamshin will be representing Felgenhaur and is suggesting that although it could be that this individual is just mentally unwell, it may be the case that he was actually controlled and was persuaded to kill the Echo Moscow journalist.

Open Russia Appeals to European Human Rights Court In Defence of Mistreated Pro-Democracy Demonstrators

Open Russia lawyers have officially filed an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of the participants of the anti-corruption demonstration on March 26 whose rights were flagrantly and unlawfully violated throughout their detention.  These individuals were all arrested for a period of 6-12 days.  Open Russia are currently providing legal and informational assistance to those affected by this round of political repression.

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