Newsletters / Journalist Beaten by Police, the Presiential Election Circus and 3 Months Arbitrary Detention: June 1 Report

Hello everyone! We would like to thank all of you for your support over recent weeks. A lot has been happening on the human rights scene in Russia, and as usual much of it takes place under the radar of the media. Your help and support has gone a long way to providing the right assistance to Russians who have fallen foul of the regime for their political and public activity. Here’s a digest of some of our recent top stories.


Police Beat Journalist At Anti-Putin Rally In Moscow


During the May 5 nationwide demonstrations ahead of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration as president, a journalist from MBK.Media was beaten by a police officer. As a result of this unprovoked assault, he received damage to the lower area of his ribs. The journalist has filed a complaint to the Investigative Committee against the officer in question, and his interests are being represented by Open Russia lawyer Sergey Badamshin.


Navalny Volunteer Spends 3 Months In Arbitrary Detention


A local Moscow court has prolonged the arrest of Navalny volunteer Konstantin Saltykov until July 26 regardless of the request by Open Russia lawyer Tsiskarishvili to have Saltykov’s incarceration reduced to a house arrest. He is being accused of using force against a police officer during a demonstration on January 28 and is being held in a pre-trial detention centre for 3 months already, regardless of the fact that no investigative activities have yet taken place.

Electoral Committee Brushes Off Accusations Of Fraud


In the city of Karachevo-Cherkesia during the March 18 presidential ‘elections’, Open Russia lawyer Anastasia Burakova noticed that numerous people were voting multiple times at polling stations around the city. Burakova has since filed a complaint against these clear violations of electoral procedure. The Electoral Committee answered that the people accused of voting multiple times were in fact “people from the Caucasus, of whom the majority have beards”, and therefore look alike.


Criminal Charges Opened For Insulting An FSB Official


A criminal case has been opened in Vladivostok after Dmitry Gultiaev, a former Navalny volunteer, apparently offended an official belonging to the FSB’s ‘counter-extremism’ unit. Witnesses have been summoned in for questioning as a result. Open Russia is providing legal and informational assistance to the case.