Newsletters / The Khodorkovsky Review: Can Putin Be Stopped?

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Russia has been at the centre of world attention over the past few months due to the 2018 World Cup, bringing issues of corruption, fair play and the place of the Putin regime on the international stage to the centre of political discussion.  Catch up on all the latest from our point of view including political prisoners, future prospects for the Russian economy and the future of democracy in Europe.

Be A Guest Of The Russian People, Not The Putin Regime: World Cup 2018

The 2018 World Cup has been an object of controversy this year with a series of diplomatic scandals making Western political figures think carefully about whether or not to make the journey.  Mikhail Khodorkovsky speaks out on the importance of seeing past the Kremlin’s facade and using this grand public event to build ties between the Russian people and the rest of the world.

How Russia Can Succeed. A Conversation With Peter Conradi at the UK Parliament

On June 18 Mikhail Khodorkovsky joined Sunday Times Foreign Editor Peter Conradi at the UK Parliament by invitation of Tom Tugendhat MP to discuss the state and future of the Russian economy.  The discussion covered present and future outlooks for investment in Russia, as well as to what extent the next 6 years of Putin rule will influence doing business in Russia.

The Real Threat To Western Democracy Is Putin’s Mafia

Mikhail Khodorkovsky makes the case in the Wall Street Journal for how the West can deal efficiently with the Putin regime on the international stage.  Rather than treating the Kremlin as a diplomatic equal, the West must see it for what it is; the most powerful Mafia organisation of the century that has successfully captured the Russian presidential office.

Intelligence Squared: Can Putin Be Stopped?

Westminster’s Central Hall was full to the brim to receive a panel of some of the most distinguished voices on Russia in the Western world today.  Mikhail Khodorkovsky joined Anne Applebaum, Michael McFaul and Ivan Krastsev to discuss the future of relations between the Kremlin and the West.  You can now listen the whole podcast online right here.

Europe: Past Tense, Future Perfect? With Timothy Snyder

What is the future of democracy in Europe (and Russia)? Mikhail Khodorkovsky joins distinguished guests to discuss populism, democracy and Vladimir Putin at the Milken Conference in Los Angeles.  You can watch the entire discussion online on our Youtube channel.