Newsletters / Mikhail Khodorkovsky: Putin is the enemy of humankind

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

When Vladimir Putin launched his unprovoked, criminal invasion of Ukraine, he shot himself in one foot. When he threatened to use nuclear weapons, he blew off the other. His regime has chosen a path of self-liquidation. The only question is how much damage it will do before its demise.

Putin’s war of aggression is a crime against Ukraine and a crime against humanity. But it is also a crime against the Russian people. The regime starves Russians of information and feeds them lies. It tells them this is not a war but a “military operation”. It tells them we are fighting “Nazis and drug addicts”, even as its bombs drop on the site of Babyn Yar. While Putin’s forces bombard innocent Ukrainian civilians, we need to bombard Russians with the truth. When the news breaks through that Russian boys are being sent to their deaths in their thousands to murder our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, then the regime’s position becomes untenable.

We need to start imagining a future without Putin. When I see my fellow countrymen taking to the streets to protest against the war in Ukraine, I believe that future is close at hand. But we will only see it come to pass if right now – today and not tomorrow – every legal and financial tool in the arsenal is brought to bear against Putin, his regime and those complicit in its war crimes. History demands this of the west – for Ukrainians fighting heroically for their lives and for the Russians who risk theirs when they dare to speak out against Putin’s regime. And it demands it now.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky
The Guardian, March 3 2022

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