Newsletters / Monthly Human Rights Report – January 25

Hello!  It’s Open Russia’s human rights team here.  In this newsletter we’ll talk about the latest news on human rights in Russia, as well as plans for a demonstration this Sunday, January 28.

This Sunday Alexei Navalny will be conducting rallies throughout Russia in support of boycotting the March 2018 Russian presidential elections. Since the authorities refused to approve the demonstrations in many cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, there will almost certainly be a harsh response by the police.  Our activists and lawyers are ready to provide assistance, we have all the resources to assist at police stations and later in courts, but the only thing we lack is money.

If you aren’t indifferent to the plight of freedom of speech, human rights and freedom of assembly in Russia, please consider making a donation to our team.  The coming presidential elections are widely considered to be an anti-democratic farce, and citizens have a right to express their discontent publicly.  Your kindness and support has helped us provide assistance to hundreds of innocent victims of the police last year, let’s keep it goes this year as there are difficult times ahead.

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Court overrules fine for laying flowers on a memorial to victims of political repression

January 15. Ulyanovsk

Finally, after a second hearing, the court found the activists not guilty. Earlier, on October 7, members of Open Russia and Alexey Navalny’s supporters laid flowers during an officially approved event, however, their march to the monument was considered illegal due to the balloons with the letter “N” (Navalny) imprinted on them.


Experts conclude that the man who attacked Echo Moscow journalist Tatiana Felgenhauer was a schizophrenic

January 17. Moscow

The document states that Boris Grits, who attempted to murder “Echo of Moscow” anchor Tatyana Felgenhauer in her Moscow office, cannot currently comprehend the details of the case and is unable to testify.  He also requires compulsory treatment. Felgenhauer and Open Russia lawyer Sergey Badamshin, who represents her interests, believe that there are no grounds to doubt the conclusions.


Court questions two prosecution witnesses on the case of anti-corruption demonstrator Mikhail Galyashkin

January 19. Moscow

An officer from the riot police division called the meeting “a cluster of citizens who violate public order,” and a Ministry of Internal Affairs expert admitted she made mistakes in the case procedures due to being tired.


Prosecutor’s office overturns for 6th time the case of police negligence in not investigating an attack on sociologist Sergey Mokhov


The case materials will be sent back to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for verification, but at the moment a criminal case has still not been initiated. Sociologist Sergei Mokhov was attacked on the front door of his house and was injected with an unidentified substance after he published an investigation into the funeral industry. The case is being handled by Open Russia lawyer Sergei Badamshin.  A complaint about official negligence in this case is currently being filed to the European Court of Human Rights.

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