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Yet another terrible page has been turned in the history we all share. What the next page holds is up to each and every one of us” said Mikhail Khodorkovsky commenting on the tragic death of Boris Nemtsov.

Read his full statement here.

“I know that for many people Boris’s death will become so much of a Rubicon that the entire country may become different. Will we find within ourselves the strength to understand that political differences are not a reason to stop acting like human beings? That by creating an atmosphere of hate, disparaging the value of human lives, and oversimplifying attitudes toward violence, we ourselves are destroying our Russia?”

Video from the demonstration on March 1

“Putin is not the future of Russia. The future of Russia is us.”

Read the translation of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s inaugural Russia lecture at the Chatham House lecture here.

Video from Chatham House

“The conflict between a refrigerator and a television set is going to escalate with time. It is precisely this conflict that defeated the Soviet Union in its time, in point of fact. It split apart the Soviet Union.”

Open Russia online forum: Life under sanctions. See video.

“People are afraid to demonstrate, afraid of being held hostage, fear revenge from the Russian government.” — Maria Baronova, human rights coordinator for Open Russia, speaks at 7th Annual Geneva Summit. See video.