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Hello everyone!  Last time we told you all about the criminal case that was brought against a volunteer from Alexey Navalny’s office in Cheboksary for a post on Russian social media site “VKontakte”.  Volunteer Alexey Mironov will face the court on September, 4.

Thanks to you, we managed to raise the amount of almost 10 thousand rubles (around $130). There is another $130 left to pay to the lawyer and $130 more for the appeal. Even in the case of a minor sentence – the fact that a criminal case is being initiated to punish an opinion contradicts the Russian Constitution, the European Convention on Human Rights and common sense.

Navalny Volunteer To Face Trial For Reposting Memes

On July, 7, 2016 Alexey Mironov, a volunteer from an Alexey Navalny local office, posted an image on his social media that was flagged as “extremist”.  Despite that fact that the two posts on social media were deleted last year, sharp-eyed investigators in Cheboksary managed to record them. Recently, they decided to open a case for “extremist activity” and incitement to hatred. Today, for online posts that do not exist anywhere other than the court, Alexey faces serious penalties, community service and deprivation of liberty. The presence of our lawyer will increase his chances of receiving the minimum punishment.

Moscow State Court to Keep Alexey Politikov Under Arrest For March 26 Protests

Alexey Politikov was arrested on June 10 at the house of Vyacheslav Maltsev for supposedly using violence against a police officer. The investigator stated that during the protest held on March 26 Politikov injured police captain Shvetsov on his stomach and was trying to pull him down.

Moscow City Court rejected the appeal of Open Russia lawyer Sergey Badamshin, despite the fact that the defendant suffered ill health, exacerbated by staying in the remand prison.  All investigations have now finished and Politikov will remain under arrest until October 22.

Investigation to Begin into Police Misconduct After Schoolboy is Beaten at Anti-Corruption Demonstration

Under aged 17-years-old Mikhail Galyashkin was arrested on June 12 during an anti-corruption protest in Moscow. The medical examination held the day after the arrest detected a bruise on the left side of his neck. The investigator decided to investigate the case for excessive use of force and exceeding the power authority.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky commented: “Beating and strangling school children is what they’re good at, however not so much at catching thieves, robbers and hooligans.  They even struggle to catch terrorists, especially those from one supposedly peaceful religion.  But when it comes to using excessive force and ‘special measures’ against grandmothers, bloggers and schoolchildren – that they can do.”