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Hello everyone! Like always, our hands are full.  The last two weeks have seen over 250 people arrested in demonstrations in Moscow after the blogger Vyacheslav Maltsev announced his anti-Putin “revolution”.  Many of those detained were peaceful bystanders and we’ve been working around the clock to get the right legal help to where it’s needed most.  Everything we do is thanks to your support and generosity.  Here’s the roundup for this week.

250 Detained on Centenary of the Russian Revolution

Moscow. November 5.

People from all different backgrounds and creeds gathered in Moscow on November 5 to observe or participate in a ‘revolution’, called for by nationalist blogger Vyacheslav Maltsev.  Nevertheless, the authorities were indiscriminate in who they detained and many innocent bystanders were swept up into police vans.  Open Russia lawyers were on the ground making sure those who were innocent walked free without facing charges.


Liberal Activists Detained For 52 Hours For Reading Adam Smith

Moscow. November 7.

A number of activists from Russia’s Liberal Party were detained at a local police station for 52 hours before being taken to court to have their punishment determined.  Their crime was reading the economist philosopher Adam Smith in public.  An Open Russia lawyer appealed to the court and all activists were eventually released without charge.


Four Minors From Liberal Party Called In For Questioning

Moscow. November 7.

Fours underage demonstrators were summoned to a local police station for questioning in connection with Vyacheslav Maltsev, a man who the Russian authorities have termed an ‘extremist’.  In the presence of an Open Russia lawyer, the minors answered questions on Maltsev and his ‘revolution’.  The young boys were members of Russia’s Liberal Party, and were totally unaware of why they were being questioned in connection with Maltsev.


European Court of Human Rights To Consider Cases of March 26 Demonstrators


Finally! The European Court of Human Rights has accepted two out of five cases submitted by Open Russia in defence of March 26 anti-corruption demonstrators.  During the demonstrations, in Moscow alone over 1000 were detained and many demonstrators, including underage schoolchildren, had their human rights systematically violated.  The ECHR is now taking up the challenge of bringing justice to those who suffered.

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