Newsletters / Weekly Human Rights Report

Hi! Over the past week, no one we are defending in administrative cases has received punishment for participating in the rallies.

We continue to work on criminal cases and have even taken on a new one. More details below.

A minor who took part in the Petersburg rally has been released without a fine

St. Petersburg, 10 July

An Open Russia lawyer succeeded in limiting the Commission of Youth Affairs to a single cautionary discussion with 15-year-old Sergei Blinov, who was detained on the Field of Mars. His detention report has not been drawn up, but after he was detained the police threatened to put the teenager on report and complain to the care services.

Court case adjourned against Georgi Malets, detained at 12 June rally

Moscow, 10 July

Our lawyer requested to call the two policemen who detained photographer Malets at the June 12 demonstration to the bar. The court was adjourned until September 25, so that the policemen will be able to come to the hearing and explain why they detained a photographer with a press card, and why the official record states that he was allegedly shouting slogans.

Russian High Commissioner for human rights has promised to get to the bottom of Bezborodov’s case

Moscow, 12 July

Tatyana Moskalkova has promised to take control of the case of summer camp leader Danila Bezborodov (18), who has been convicted for shooting a video OF an underaged naked boy, despite having an alibi. When Bezborodov’s father Fyodor called the ombudsman’s office to find out how the cassation appeal was progressing, an employee named Morozova stated, “Yes, I would have your son’s ass ripped off”. When Open Russia drew attention to the official’s inappropriate language, Fyodor received an apology and was promised that his son’s case would be resolved.

Open Russia to defend nationalist Maltsev

Moscow, 14 July

A criminal case has been brought against politician Vyacheslav Maltsev for allegedly inciting extremist activity. The reason for the accusations were the statements he made on May 4, 2017 at a rally marking the anniversary of the events at Bolotnaya Square. Lawyer Sergei Badamshin has taken on the Maltsev case; Maltsev himself has left Russia at his wife’s request because of the persecution he faces there.

Investigative Committee continues to pursue case against high-school student Galyashkin

A week ago, the Moscow municipal court put 17-year-old Mikhail Galyashkin, suspected of spraying a member of the National Guard in the face with pepper spray, under house arrest. Investigative procedures against the teenager are ongoing. Lawyer Badamshin will be present at each of these procedures to ensure that the Investigative Committee does not violate the defendant’s rights.