Newsletters / What is happening in Belarus is unacceptable

“What is happening in Belarus is totally outside the political norm and will have long-lasting consequences. If there is no harsh reaction to what is happening in Belarus, then we risk returning back to a violent political norm, and this return will not be limited to just Belarus. This is essentially why I believe that Lukashenko and his regime must become outcasts.
If the EU fails to address this issue and again demonstrates a sense of helplessness, then decisions have to be made at national levels, country by country. The return of real dictatorships in Europe is an infection far worse than COVID.”

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

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Two Open Russia coordinators, Artyom Vazhenkov and Igor Rogov, were detained and severely beaten in Minsk. Both are Russian citizens, who arrived into Belarus last Friday to observe the presidential elections on August 9th. They broadcasted impartial reports from the streets of Minsk. On Tuesday they were shown on Belarusian state TV, accused of provoking “riots”.

Their ordeal comes as part of a brutal crackdown on protesters questioning the dubious results of the recent presidential elections. Around 6 thousand people were detained in Belarus, since Sunday.

The propaganda video shows the activists brutally detained:

Vazhenkov remains in custody in Minsk. He is accused of organising riots and faces 5 – 15 years behind bars. We demand his immediate release!

Igor Rogov was released on Tuesday evening. Together with “Meduza” correspondent Maxim Solopov, they returned to Russia.